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Every customer would love the opportunity to set up an appointment with their personal hair stylist or cosmetician through a mobile app or online – sound too good to be true?

No business owner would spend thousands of dollar in developing such a system.

That is why we are proud to introduce 1900 - A leading appointments management & booking system in israel.

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iTor - Booking Easily

The perfect solution for booking appointments by your customers directly through their mobiles

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Management App

An advanced management application where you can manage your calendars: create \ update \ cancel appointments, calendar views: week \ 3 day \ daily, vacations & breaks management, workers management and many more advanced features.

So how do you start?

If you are service provider such as hair salon owners, barbers, cosmeticians, veterinarians etc… Simply click the “Contact Us” button and leave us your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you are customers of a personal service provider and want to start setting appointments by yourselves... download our application by simply click the "Download iTor" button.

1900M - Advanced Features

We Are Friendly

Manage & schedule your appointments in an easy, simple and fast way

Multi-Calendar Support

Employees gets their own diary

VIP Service

We have a wonderful service team

Smart Algorithm to Maximize Profits

Your available times will be presented to your customers in a smart way, which will fill your calendar in the most optimal way

Notifications System

Keep your customers updated on coming appointments

Anywhere Anytime

Always online - by mobile, by laptop from home or from far place.

Download 1900M - Our Management App

Get the app for android & iOS

iTor - Booking Easily:
What the Customer Sees?

To ease the booking process for your customers, we have splitted it to simple steps:

Step 1 - Installation:

1. Your customer gets an automatic link to download iTor

2. Your customer click on the link and install iTor

3. Your brand will be saved in customer's favorites

Step 2 - Click To Book

1. Customer opens iTor and sees your brand

2. Customer chooses a professional (therapist)

3. Customer chooses treatments

4. Customer chooses a booking time

5. And we're done - appointment booked in your diary

How iTor Looks Like...

Download iTor - Schedule App

Get the app for android & iOS

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